Back from the Dead! Wait…..

•April 29, 2011 • 1 Comment

….I lied. I wasn’t dead, just lazy.

But, if you’re still reading this after no update for about 7 months, you’re one of my heroes in life. I figured I’d start writing more reviews and updating my blog, and actually stick to it this time. There’s been a lot of interesting things going on recently in the geekdom world of Anime, Video Games and Comic Books, so my words have to be written down for the masses to lol at and read with intense stares. Hopefully.

For now, I just wanted to clean up the blog a little bit and start working on new posts. There’s a whole new OVA for Higurashi coming out soon, so I definitely want to touch upon that. Also do some more reviews and be more lively in the online communities of awesomeness.

I started up a Tumblr if anyone wants to follow me on there –

Also on Twitter – jackshippo

I’m going to be setting up a Facebook page too, figured I’d spread out all over the place!

Anyway, thanks for reading this, and expect a lot more stuffs from me soon!

Weekly AMV Of Non-Weekly Suckage.

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I know, I said it was going to be a weekly Monday AMV to make your week suck less, but since Monday was Labor Day, I figured doing it on the Tuesday after would make more sense since that’s when people need to get back to school/work/saving the world.

The one I picked this week is for Bleach and the song’s phenomenon by Thousand Foot Crutch. I’ve heard this song with a few other AMV’s and it seems to fit shonen series’ pretty well.

Know what, while I’m at it I’ll make this week special and put not one, but TWO AMV’s to make you have less suckage! This one has the same song (which is why I’m posting it), but instead of Bleach it’s set to Dragonball Z and is still pretty awesome.

I hope that every one had an enjoyable Labor Day and got to go out and enjoy yourselves, or just sit inside and watch some anime and do some gaming, either one works! (I did both, morning was gaming, afternoon/night was going out. I like multitasking.)

Anyway, the new semester just started for school so surprisingly I’m going to have more time to come on here and do a little bit more work even though I keep saying that, I’m trying! Have a good week everyone, hopefully reading this can make it a little better.

Weekly Monday AMV To Make Your Week Suck Less!….only on tuesday.

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Blah didn’t even realize the time, and Monday for this week has already passed…damn. That’s what I get for not paying attention and being sickly, but all is not lost, there’s still a cool amv that I can show you to make the week suck less!

This one’s for Lain, which is a good show…but it’s just weird. I’ve only seen it once, and plan to re-watch it so I can understand it. I have no idea what the song is, but it’s pretty cool and the timing is perfect. Farmstudios usually puts out some quality amv’s so definitely check out their channel on youtube or anywhere else you can find and view awesome amv’s.

Expect another update soon, just been so lazy with sickness…blarhgh. Have a good week and hopefully this makes it suck AT LEAST 1% Less!

New Idea – Weekly Monday AMV to help make your week not suck!

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Every one hates Mondays, just waking up to go to work/school/dungeon/space/volcano’s wherever, just sucks….except for space, that’d be pretty awesome actually. But have no fear, I’m here to help make your (and mine) Mondays suckĀ  .0001% less with my favorite AMV of the week!

This week’s AMV is from Toradora, which is an amazing Rom/Com anime that I watched all 25 episodes of in a day….yah it was a good day.

Hope this makes your week start off a wee-bit brighter and fun-filled. I’m proud of this idea to pop into my head due to caffeine fueled happiness, hope every one enjoys! Let me know if you want to see more weekly idea thingys!

Anime Review – Highschool of the Dead Episode 1 – Spring of the Dead

•August 9, 2010 • 1 Comment


Lots, and LOTS of zombies, but even more fanservice and random upskirt shots. That about sums up most of the first episode for High School of the Dead, but seriously for an anime called High School of the dead, what more do you expect?

The first episode starts off by showing a few of the main characters already in the middle of the zombie invasion fighting their way across the rooftop of the school…anime’s always have to have something going on the school rooftops don’t they? The two characters shown in the beginning and focused on throughout the first episode are Rei Miyamoto, her boyfriend Hisashi Igou, and the main character Takashi Komuro.

Takashi Komuro

The first time we see Takashi (besides the little clip before the opening) is being depressed and just hanging out on a stairwell outside. Him and Rei are childhood friends, and apparently she told him they can get married when they’re older but Rei started dating Hisashi. This is a good reason to be a bit depressed I’d say, childhood crush dating some dude? That’s enough to make any guy at least a little bit depressed. Takashi happens to be the first one to see any signs of a problem at school by witnessing a zombie bite one of the teachers through the school gate. That teacher instantly wakes up from being dead and bites another teach, which results in an extremely fast breakout of the zombie virus.

After a montage of people rioting to get out of their classes and people getting torn apart by zombies, our heroes successfully make it to the school rooftop.

Sadly though….not all of them will survive.

Over all the first episode of HOTD delivers exactly what the series is about – zombies, gore, pointless upskirt/boob shots, and it’s all wrapped up with a very interesting group of characters. I definitely recommend this to any one who loves zombies, gore, or just plain old fun and ridiculously over the top zombie killing.

The Great (Horrible) Fire Alarm Pulling of Otakon 2010

•July 31, 2010 • 1 Comment

Earlier today I was having a relaxing time sitting in line for the Hetalia : Axis Powers premiere at Otakon for about an hour and then went inside, got seated, and had to wait for the room to fill up for the premiere. About 30 minutes after we sat down, the fire alarm starts flashing. Everyone thought it was just some random mistake with the lights, but sadly about 3 minutes later it was announced that everyone had to leave the building. Not only did the 400+ (Roughly) of us have to leave the Hetalia premiere, the ENTIRE convention center had to be evacuated. This means thousands upon thousands of Otakon attendees had to flood into the streets of Baltimore. Thankfully no one flipped out or got upset and rioted and set anything else on fire.

About 1 hour and 15 minutes later the convention center opened back up, and everything turned out to just be some jerk who pulled the alarm. If anyone ever finds the jerk who pulled the alarm, they’ll probably be burned at a stake.

Gotta admit though, even though it ruined one of the things I was looking forward to and screwed up part of the con, being a part of a huge evacuation like that was kind of………epic.

New Summer Anime Season

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Hey everyone, the new season of anime is upon us. It’s a pretty good line up so far, but I’m only watching 3 series so far. First one, that I was most excited about, was High School of the Dead.

High School of the Dead is pretty basic to explain. Zombie outbreak seen through the eyes of High school students, with a ton of fan service throughout the series. But this anime is in no way a basic zombie story.

Next up is Seitokai Yakuindomo. Much like Seitokai No Ichizon, this anime is about the student council of a high school which just recently went from being an all girls school to a co-ed school. The story follows the newly acquired male student in the student council along with 3 girls, which is almost like Seitokai No Ichizon, but this series doesn’t have nearly as much of the otaku references that Ichizon had.

Last (for now) is Kuroshitsuji Season 2. This is basically the sequel to the first season, but follows a new Butler and Master. I was not expecting much from this, but wow, it surprised me. Don’t want to give too much away……yet.

There are a few more series I want to start watching, but that won’t be for a little while until I’ve caught up with a few others. I definitely recommend watching each of these shows so far, horror lovers will love High School of the Dead especially.

Highschool of the Dead

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Highschool of the Dead’s been out for years as a manga and was in desperate need for an anime adaptation, and finally tonight it’s airing! For those of you not familiar with Highschool of the Dead, it’s basically a fan-service fueled overload of violance that wraps up extremely solid characters and a good story. Even though the story seems pretty generic (Oh hey! Zombies virus breaks out….we’re in school…oh noes!) it quickly proves that it’s much better than the generic zombie story. I don’t want to give too much away so just watch it tonight, it’s going to be stimulcasted on Anime News Network tonight at 12 pm (CDT) (1 am for us EST-ers….), only thing is you have to register, but it takes literally 2 minutes to do that. I know I’m going to be watching it, have to support them for being so amazing and stimulcasting it so quick. I’ll post up a review later!

It’s been 2 months, WHAT is wrong with me?

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Just noticed my last blog entry was from 2 months ago.

This is one of the few times I’ll admit that I fail =(.

Now there’s no more time to fail, I have to finally update this thing and get some good stuff going! And also stop always saying I’m going to work on this blog, and instead just do it. I’m working on a few reviews right now and also working on a new AMV for Higurashi and Umineko, which will be my last When They Cry AMV so I can move onto other series that deserve attention. Expect the blog to be updated soon, if not then it means I exploded in a firey explosion which made it impossible for me to update my blog.

The new youtube layout.

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For everyone who frequents Youtube like I do (which results in very little sleep sometimes) you’ve noticed that they recently changed the layout. The differences are not that bad; they just changed the information around the video you’re watching like the uploaders name, more related videos on the side, and how the comments look. The only major change was getting rid of the ratings system. Instead of rating a video 1-5 stars, they simplified it down to like or dislike. This change is not bad for me at all because I usually either rated a video 5 stars or none at all. People, of course, are complaining and whining about the change. Relax. You’ll all get used to it in a day or two and it’s not going to change. People love to complain about things don’t they? Anyway, I agree with Shion’s views on the new youtube layout –

If anyone gets a chance to, go watch sonicring123’s videos, they’re pretty damn funny.